Wednesday, 13 November 2019 17:15

Hold a Fundraiser

Whether you need funds for your event or want to raise funds to give back to a specific organization. A fundraiser can go along way for not only raising money for your cause, but awareness in your community.

 Tips for fundraising

  1. Setup a fundraising goal
  2. Clearly communicate how the donor’s funds will be used and why the cause matters to you
  3. Choose a fundraising activity that matches your communities’ interest. 
  4. Communicate the result of the fundraising with all your supporters.

Fundraising ideas:

  • Get sponsored for participating in an athletic event (5km race, tournament)
  • Host a bowling competition; your local bowling alley could provide you with the free aisle and then you charge the participants a price to compete to raise funds.
  • Host an ice cream tasting event; your local ice cream store could donate tubs of ice cream and then people pay an entry fee to taste the different ice cream flavors
  • Host a board game night
  • Do a one-day marathon of activities
  • Start an online fundraising campaign
  • Be creative! The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that you can make your fundraiser any way you seem fit. Use your creativity and imagination. Fun activities are always a great way to get your community involved.