Discover Our Wetland Centres of Excellence!

Nature is a powerful teacher. It ignites curiosity and confidence within young people.

Last year alone we engaged with 7,200 students across Canada! Ducks Unlimited Canada believes these youth can change the world—and we know many already are. Through our award-winning education programs, we encourage these young minds to explore and protect our favourite biodiversity hotspots; wetlands.

Wetlands are Essential

Wetlands are an important nature-based solution to climate change and the key to ensuring a healthier future for our youth.

Wetlands capture and store carbon, provide us with clean drinking water, cool our cities, and help mitigate the impacts of droughts and floods. They are biodiversity hotspots that are home to 40% of all species in Canada. They also serve as outdoor classrooms that spark joy and curiosity in young people across the country.

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