Across the country, WCE students are making a difference at their local wetland. Action projects offer authentic, relevant and meaningful learning opportunities

Action projects are at the core of the success of the WCE program

Action projects are student-driven, originating from inquiry-based learning, and drive meaningful engagement for the youth involved. Students are encouraged to ask questions about issues they care about or would like to know more about. This gets them thinking about how they can improve biodiversity at their wetland.

Create a project

Stuck for an idea? Use this guide for conservation or awareness project ideas that you could try.

Download Create a Project
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Plan a project

Are you a student or youth taking on a wetland project? Let us help you with some tips and tricks to plan a successful project.”

Download the Planning Guide
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Support a student project

Are you supporting your child or a group of youth who are keen to take on a wetland project? This guide is made for you.

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