You would be surprised how easy it is to make a difference for your wetland.

Be creative

Invite others to participate

Make your project unique

Create your own wetland project

Need inspiration? Open your eyes and what do you see? Look at your wetland and understand how it works, whether it be water flow, habitats for animals, or trails for outdoor education. If you are interested in one feature, then perhaps your project can be about that aspect of the wetland.

Creating your project

Stuck for an idea? Use this guide to get conservation or awareness projects ideas that you could try.

Download the Create a Project
or right click, save as (PDF)

Planning a project

Are you a youth or a student taking on a wetland project? Let us help you with some tips and trick to plan a successful project.  

Download the Planning Guide
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Support a student project

Are you supporting your child, or a group of youth who are keen to take on a wetland project? This guide is made for you.

Download the Support Guide
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