About Us

Wetland Centres of Excellence - creating a meaningful impact

We are Wetland Centres of Excellence

Wetland Centres of Excellence are a national network of schools and community partners engaging students in wetland conservation through action projects, student-to-student mentored field trips, and outreach in their communities.

We support DUC’s conservation efforts by engaging and empowering young people in meaningful experiences.

How we inspire students

Student-Led Action Projects


Inspiring Further Education

Empowering youth to change the future

  • Develop hard skills in the field through action projects  
  • Develop soft skills through teamwork, mentorship, and taking initiative
  • Facilitates exposure to conservation practices and careers
  • Gain access to an exclusive WCE student scholarship

Linking students and teachers through

  • Videoconferences
  • Exclusive webinars and case studies
  • Members-only resource website
  • Regional meet-ups
  • WCE Leaders can apply to attend Duck University, to learn directly from DUC scientists

Wetland Centers of Excellence Profiles