Grande Prairie

Introducing the Grande Prairie Wetland Centre of Excellence: a place where research, industry and education come together, and the peat is meters deep! 

Julian Camsell’s class at Peace Wapiti Academy will be leading projects at Evergreen Park. Once spring rolls around, they'll start their learning and begin planning peatland-related research and conservation projects. They’ll study concepts like soil hydrology, plant ID, peat depth, biodiversity and amphibian monitoring, with the support of the DUC Education and Boreal teams.

The Wetland Centre is Canada’s first outdoor hands-on site for boreal wetlands training, research, and demonstrations. It is located in Grande Prairie on Treaty 8 Territory, an area covering over 840,000 km across parts of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.


Facts & Highlights

  • The Grande Prairie WCE is Alberta's second Wetland Centre of Excellence.
  • The Wetland Centre is Canada's first outdoor hands-on site for boreal wetlands training, research and demonstrations.
  • The Wetland Centre is situated on 22 forested/wetland acres within Evergreen Park.
  • Boreal wetlands are important areas for biodiversity and ecosystem services, like filtering water and storing carbon.

Additional Info

  • City: Grande Prairie
  • Province: AB