WCE students in Bathurst WCE students in Bathurst

Location: Bathurst, New Brunswick

The Daly Point Nature Reserve serves as the WCE for Bathurst High School and École Secondaire Népisiguit. The reserve is located on the Bay of Chaleur, part of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. One can view hundreds of species of flowers, plants and animals amid the Acadian forest and salt marsh.

Duck Banding 101 – Banding ducks provides an opportunity to learn a lot about a species. WCE students worked with the Canadian Wildlife Service collecting the sex, species and age of mallard ducks at Daly Point.

Daly Point Trail sign

We are located on a salt marsh next to the Acadian Forest – what more could you wish for?

"As a researcher it’s always a great opportunity to discuss science with kids as they are so receptive to it. They become a network of information that disseminates out to their parents and friends, and there’s a real value in that."

Emily Walker, Environmental Scientist

Researcher at Daly Point

Daly Point Salt Marsh
Maritime RInglet moth

Facts & Highlights

Daly Point is one of the only places in the world where the endangered Maritime ringlet butterfly can be found. This butterfly lives exclusively in salt marshes. 

  • Bathurst, New Brunswick WCE Established in 2016
  • Helped to complete a wild bee survey
  • Conducted nest box workshops
  • Field lab for water quality testing
Students banding ducks
Two people on daly point trail
Student fieldtrip on daly point trail


Canadian Wildlife Service