Royal Botanical Gardens

One of the many trails located at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, ON. One of the many trails located at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, ON.

Location: Burlington, Ontario

Aldershot High School’s ECO Rangers, with support of the WCE program, use the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) as its WCE destination. The RBG is an 1,100-hectare sanctuary enveloping the west end of Lake Ontario.

Aldershot High School ECO Rangers recently delivered an environmental leadership program for 350 elementary students at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Mentoring younger students is just one of many activities the Aldershot ECO Studies program offers.

The support of the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) gives us so much to work with. The depth and scope of the RBG programs and the site, give students a lot to work with.

Students build a campfire

"Like DUC the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) conducts research and undertakes a range of science-based conservation activities. A great learning opportunity for students."

Barb McKean

Director of Education, Royal Botanical Gardens

Facts & Highlights

The RBG has set aside 20 percent of the property as Special Protection Areas to help stop biodiversity loss and ensure all species have the opportunity to thrive. These areas are closed to the public, but have observation points and interpretive signs to help visitors understand the significance of these unique spaces.

  • Part of the ECO Studies program
  • Participate in and plan habitat restoration and other environmental stewardship initiatives
  • Use cutting edge technology to undertake environmental projects
  • Study local environmental issues and make links to global perspectives
  • View examples of Earth Surface processes (erosion and weathering) on and around the RBG grounds
  • Mentor students from Aldershot Elementary to become more environmentally aware and conscientious
Map of the Royal Botanical Gardens


Royal Botanical Gardens