Wednesday, 13 November 2019 17:16

Use Social Media

Methods and Platforms

Think about your online brand and identity. What is the message you want to get across to social media users? Do you want to be fun? Informative? Factual information-driven? A combination of all these things? Think of using social media platforms to tell the story of your conservation work. Here are some examples:

  • Twitter: Tweet facts, create polls, use hashtags to spread your work and information.
  • Instagram: Post photos and videos of yourself in the field or of the beautiful nature found in wetlands. Update followers so they can track the progression of your projects.
  • Facebook: Post updates on your work and create events for fundraisers.
  • Snapchat: Use the story feature to take followers through a typical day working at the wetland.
  • Use Special Dates: Capitalize on special dates like World Wetlands Day or local festivals to create your own event, or take part in an event, showcasing the importance of wetlands. Planet Friendly Environmental and Theme Dates Calendar


An effective and fun way to engage followers and spread your message with the potential of going viral is to create an online challenge with the use of a hashtag. An example of a notable social media challenge was the #alsicebucketchallenge where people would use various creative ways to dump buckets of ice water on themselves to demonstrate the effects of ALS on the body. It is critically important that if you create a challenge like the #alsicebucketchallenge that you offer a link to donate for a cause or for a website that provides in-depth information. While viral challenges are fun, their purpose should be to educate, inform, or fundraise.


Find like-minded and similar accounts to your own and network with them. Leave comments, like posts, retweet, and share. Spreading other great conservation work can result in others doing the same for you. Growing your network will expand your audience, offer new information and methods for conservation, and keep your account synonymous with others just like yours.


***Reminder on internet safety & respect: Check with an adult before starting any project that you will be sharing online. They can help you decide what should or shouldn’t be posted online. Always be careful what you post and never share anyone’s art, photo or other pictures without their permission.